Stocznia Monte Carlo Yachts oferuje w swojej gamie jednostki od 65 do 105 stóp, wszystkie zaprojektowane przez jedno z czołowych biur projektowych superjachtów - Nuvolari & Lenard. Stocznia ta jako pierwsza w sektorze jachtingu rekreacyjnego wprowadziła do budowy technologię modułową opartą na LEAN Management, wdrożonym w zaawansowanych sektorach przemysłowych takich jak lotnictwo.


Pure avant-garde and bold design are embedded deep in Maori Yacht’s DNA. Striking lines, unmistakable style and highest quality are common features of whole range of these vessels, from 9 to nearly 24 metres of length. Maori’s vision does not end here: projects of 36 metres and more are already on the table. All yachts originating from this yard are high-end pieces of contemporary boatbuilding, with one foot already in the future. They give a peculiar impression: one feels to be in presence of an odd-worldly piece of ultramodern design and technology, not to be mistaken with any other vessel of any other shipyard. For Owners searching for something really special Maori should be a choice not to be overlooked.

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