MCY has placed their 66-105 feet range of vessels at a very high and respected level. Their creators is the acclaimed Nuvolari Lenard design team, that has been a major player in yachting industry for 20 years and since 2009 has been bringing love for beauty and style to the MCY collection. Manufacturing engaged in innovation is just as impressive: the shipyard has been praised for introduction of game-changing modular construction process and awarded by Industrial Design Association for advancement in technology and construction, as well as by IBI-METS Boat Builders Awards for Innovation in Production. Ultimate focus on making the Owner’s dreams come true is no less important and very much in line with our own philosophy and values.


Pure avant-garde and bold design are embedded deep in Maori Yacht’s DNA. Striking lines, unmistakable style and highest quality are common features of whole range of these vessels, from 9 to nearly 24 metres of length. Maori’s vision does not end here: projects of 36 metres and more are already on the table. All yachts originating from this yard are high-end pieces of contemporary boatbuilding, with one foot already in the future. They give a peculiar impression: one feels to be in presence of an odd-worldly piece of ultramodern design and technology, not to be mistaken with any other vessel of any other shipyard. For Owners searching for something really special Maori should be a choice not to be overlooked.





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