The World is our office. With trusted associates based in various locations such as Malta, Luxembourg, Cyprus or UK we will advise you on the best Flag State for registration of your new yacht and the most suitable ownership structure, and then organize it together with our partners. We will also relieve you of compliance inspection and its coordination with the surveyors and the shipyard while the vessel is still under construction.


Captain, crew, yacht manager… all must be part of one living organism with a single on-board heartbeat. Keeping in mind our beyond-5-star standards we pay keen attention to every step of recruitment and employment, with in-depth insight into crew’s competencies and qualifications, as well as personal match with your own expectations and nature. It is our and our partners’ job to assist in:

  • setting up the employment structure,
  • to prepare crew’s contracts,
  • to monitor certification and medical insurances,
  • to manage payrolls,
  • to perform day to day administration of the crew,
  • to support in various matters such as repatriation.

Trust, respect and commitment: these are the values that we stand by and introduce to managed teams.


Money never sleeps. Neither does our care for your yacht’s finances. The scope of our services comprises:

  • annual and/or monthly budget estimation, to provide you with most accurate information,
  • fund requests based on known and expected expenditure,
  • accounting with software integrated with crew’s pre-paid cards,
  • arranging cash in local currency to be available on board,
  • processing wire transfers,
  • payment of crew salaries,
  • pre-payment verification and acceptance of invoices,
  • quarterly and annual financial reports.

We leave no financial area unattended to bring you peace and confidence.


Your yacht will be looked after with care and commitment. We will ensure that flag state and Class documents are up to date, scheduled inspections are duly performed, equipment maintenance is planned and implemented accordingly, all service works are completed on time, spare parts inventory is properly managed and restocked, routine dry docking or winter berthing is arranged, refit is scheduled and supervised. We have it all under control, so that you can be free of those concerns completely.


We are there for you every day, 24/7, anywhere in the World. Every practical, technical or financial issue always covered, the yacht meticulously maintained, all questions answered immediately, business well run and secure. Whether it is booking a berth in a marina, managing fuel supply or on-board deliveries, liaising with yacht agencies for briefings and cruising permits, organising customs clearance or immigration procedures for every country visited, it is all on our watch.


We protect what is precious to you. And to us. We will arrange a customized, tailored policy for your valuable vessel, choosing from a selection of World’s top insurance brokers. You will be guided through all the steps with our help in providing and submitting necessary documentation for the most suitable and cost-effective policy and later in handling any insurance claims regarding yacht or crew, if needed.


To make a yacht truly complete we work with the best trade professionals: architects, interior designers, suppliers of home equipment and accessories of renowned brands and refined craftsmanship. We also make sure that nothing of importance is ever missing on board. Whether it is a Sea Bob or Jet Surf for your selection of water toys, diving and snorkelling gear, a Go Cycle electric bike for your waterfront trips, fresh groceries for a particular diet, a cabinet stocked with premium spirits, favourite books collection or daily press – your yacht will have everything that you like, right at your fingertips. Always.