Frauscher Boats

Frauscher Boats is an Austrian family brand, where the tradition of building boats has been passed down from generation to generation for almost a hundred years. The shipyard is located in the same place where the grandfather of the current owners, the Frauscher family, built boats from 1946. Today all boats are built in a modern factory in Ohlsdorf, which resembles more a Swiss watch factory than a shipyard. Like Swiss watchmakers, Frauscher Boats is located on a picturesque lake in the Alps, the Traunsee.

Innovation and cutting-edge design are deeply rooted in Frauscher Boats’ DNA. It was the Austrian shipyard, that was one of the first in history, to produce boats with electric drive, which were permitted to cruise on the lake where the founder of the Frauscher brand formed the base of his boatbuilding facility. Currently, the shipyard offers a wide range of motor day-cruisers and electric models that can be an excellent choice for inland navigation in places where diesel-powered boats are not authorized.

Clean lines, unique style and high quality characterize all Frauscher Boats models. They boast not only exclusive aesthetics, but also uniqueness. Every detail is refined with the greatest care and in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Frauscher Boats are boats that no one can pass by indifferently.

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