12 October 2023

The Frauscher shipyard is one of the undisputed leaders in the construction of electric motorboats. Already in the mid-20th century, Hans Frauscher, the grandfather of the current shipyard owners, was building electric boats. This made him one of the pioneers in the electric boat segment.

In its quest to be a leader in sustainable mobility, Porsche did not want to limit itself solely to the automotive market. This is where the idea of ​​creating a boat with an electric drive was born, and the Frauscher shipyard was a natural choice for Porsche as a shipyard partner in this project. Both brands share the same values: the strive towards innovation, sporty design and the pursuit of the best possible performance.

The Frauscher shipyard and Porsche have already crossed paths in the past. The Porsche and Piech families were customers of the first generation of the boat-building Frauscher family, the grandfather of current owners Stefan and Michael Frauscher. This time, in 2021, both brands are united in their desire to create a unique electric boat on a global scale.

After conducting thorough analyses, during the conceptual phase of the project, a decision was made to select the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air boat model and the strongest drive for the electric Porsche Macan model, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2024. The PPE – Premium Platform Electric electric drive, which will be implemented in future Porsche electric car models, debuts in a marine version on a boat called Frauscher x Porsche eFantom.

The Porsche PPE drive with which the eFantom boat is equipped is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of approximately 100 kWh and a synchronous motor with a power of 460 KW that can accelerate the boat to a speed of 46 knots, i.e. as fast as 85 km/h. With a cruising speed of 22 knots, the range of the eFantom is 45 km. Similarly to Porsche cars, eFantom has 4 driving modes, from docking to sport plus.The battery can be charged with both direct and alternating current, with a power of 250 kW. Charging the battery from 10% to 80% will take less than 30 minutes

What distinguishes the Frauscher x Porsche eFantom from its “civilian" version is not only what is under its hood, but also the design elements of the boat, in the outlining of which the Studio F. A. Porsche design office participated. This includes a newly designed control panel with a 12-inch touch screen chart plotter and the steering wheel of the Macan model, what’s more the clocks on the desktop refer to the dashboard of the automotive icon Porsche 911. In addition, the boat is equipped with two ergonomic, sports seats with an embossed Porsche logo on the headrest. Finally, eFantom customers will be able to choose paint from the color palette of Porsche cars.

The eFantom model includes equipment that has a significant impact on the comfort of cruising and time spent onboard, including a bow thruster, electric windlass for the anchor, bimini top, fridge for refreshments and a high end audio system with 4 speakers and an amplifier.

The first lucky ones will have the opportunity to test the eFantom prototype on Lake Garda in October this year. This model in a limited First Edition of 25 units, which will go into production in 2024, is already in the RR Yachts offer. The boat will be presented during the Boot Dusseldorf fair on January 20-28, 2024.

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